I hate coming up with a stupid title

I recently checked out people on youtube that I use to follow for the first time in 4 or 5 years. Quite a few have stopped making videos. Then there are the handful that are still doing it exactly the same as they where. Then there is this one guy who has turned it into his career. No not just career, his own production company. Wtf?? He has like 4 channels, and a weekly “show” with “staff”… staff… seriously. And besides plugging his other channels and all the merchandise you can buy, I fail to see what the actual content is. But I was mostly interested in the people who have stopped doing it. People who where really popular. Why?

Is it mostly an age thing?
When I was youngER detailing everything that happened to me on an dalily basis and making sure the whole world knew about it came so naturaly. Which isn’t really a shock when you think back to how self involved most people are when they are youngER.
But now that i’m older… not as young, even though I’m doing more with my life now, and having more interesting daily experiences, I never “blog” anything. Does that mean i’m less self involved now?!




I’m such a tard. I figured out what was wrong with the sound in my browser. Tonight I realized other things were lacking sound too, but it was really random so I new my sound card was not dieing. I opened this MSI sound manager and it was set up for like a 24 speaker sound system. I changed that and it still didn’t work. So on a whim I checked to see where the speakers were actually plugged into. Yeah… not the right plug. I’m a total goofus. The good news, I now have sound! Let’s celebrate!

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So why is it the all the comedians I love never do anything? Sarah Silverman, Zach Galifianakis, Harland Williams, David Cross. They are all really funny people, but only show up in these shitty movies with minor roles. With the exception of Harland Williams who’s portrayal of the hitchhiker in “There’s Something About Mary” was great. But a girl can only live on the six minuet abs scene for so long. Why can’t they come do stand up in Sweden?

Blog Responsibly

One of those cute little things about me is my total lack of controlling what comes out of my mouth. I speak before I think and always regret it. But I have to hand it to myself, I haven’t posted without thinking. About a dozen times over the past 3 or 4 weeks I’ve come up with ideas for posts. Really good things… juicy. I plan them all out in my head and try to come up with ways to say things about or to certain people. But the saving grace in writing is the editing. I throw up all my words on the page, then go back threw it and trim the fat, then go back threw it again and again and maybe once more. Then I start to doubt myself. Maybe the hypothetical situations and suedo names are not as cleaver as I first thought. I put it aside and wait a day or two. So far every post that I’ve come back to a day later has been bad. Bad as in, dame that would be a bad idea to have that on the Internet. I have dodged some bullets. Big fat buck shots.

I’ve also decided I need to be lose with the names of people and places in my writing. The number of hits on my stats page well excited the number of people I know the day it went above 4.

And here’s a quick random thought. People love visual entertainment. People use to read newspapers and books, and then the TV came along and they could just watch the news, and saw the movies based on the books, and it struck me the same thing is happening to the Internet. At first it was all about the blogs and websites which were all text based. And now with YouTube and video blogers and on-line webcasts of news, it seems like the reading aspect is being pushed out. Interesting how we created the written word and yet are uninterested in it. I’m not making moral judgments I’d rather watch then news then read it, and I watch tons of video blogs on YouTube and only read 5. Like I said it just struck me last night, as I was TRYING to sleep. You know how you start thinking about anything and everything when your laying in bed unable to sleep.